Earphones for children

CHF 20.00

Choose the best earphones for your child


This earphones will please both children and parents. Indeed, its girly design will satisfy every little girl who is keen on music. They are also tested for not damaging kids'hearing. Parents will even be jealous of their kids because of the silicone comfort. You can wear these earphones for a longtime without having earache.

Another good reason for investing in child specific earphones is for use on long-haul flights. Getting your child to watch a couple of music during a boring flight is a big bonus for parents !

Suitable for any type of mobile device : cell phones , iPhones, iPods, iPads ...

Technical specifications :

- Cable: 1.2 m

- Bandwidth: 22 - 22,000 Hz

- Design in ear

- Impedance : 16 ohms

- Sensitivity : 1mW





Several color choices available


Many scents available


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