Cassette player and MP3 converter

CHF 79.00

Rediscover listening to your old audio cassettes … and convert them to MP3!

If there is one gadget from my youth that I still really miss, it's my walkman! Do you remember the feeling of freedom you had the first time you were able to listen to your favorite music outdoors? Well, is going to help you recapture that feeling!

Totally ingenious, this device is an elegant “auto-reverse” cassette player of contemporary design that will let you listen to the precious music trapped in your old audio cassettes. Nothing could be simpler! Just plug in your earphones to the cassette player or connect the device to your sound system, press the play button and there you have it! You are back in the past listening to your music!

Better yet, this cassette player is equipped with a USB interface which will allow you to transfer your music directly onto your computer (Mac or PC) via the included EZ Tape Converter software and USB cable. Starting now, enjoy once again the hit parade of the 1980s and store the music wherever you choose, on CDs, hard drives, iTunes, MP3 players … No need to be a computer wizard to digitize your musical treasures. Very practical – when you are transferring your music onto your computer, the device is powered by the USB port.

Technical specifications

- Type: walkman-type cassette player with MP3 transfer via US
- Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS 10.4 or higher
- Power supply: AA / LR06 batteries (not included) or power via USB
- Functions: Play, stop, fast forward/rewind, auto-reversin
- Software: EZ Tape Converter
- Output: Mini-jack for earphones, headset, or for output to speakers
- Dimensions: 11.5 x 8.5 x 3 cm
- Accessories included: USB cable, EZ Tape Converter software CD, quick start user guide





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