Wireless portable speaker

CHF 69.00

For those who want to carry out their music wherever they want 


Imagine a speaker design of the size of the palm of your hand, easily transportable and with impeccable sound quality ... All that, yes we assure you, all this with a feature that makes it unique. This speaker emits sound as if it comes into contact with a subject and react audibly to matter on contact. Still not convinced ? To be brief, laid on wood, the sound will be wody, on stone, gravel, etc. And if it is still not clear, then the best is to test it to adopt it!

The enclosure allows you to play mini SD cards, MP3 players and mobile phones!


Technical specifications :

- Speaker at Transduction electroacoustic

- Posting on any media (wood, glass etc ...)

- Port Micro SD CARD

- Connectors with MP3 or MP4 MP5 mobile phone

- Integrates a Lithium rechargeable battery

- Cables of connections provided

- Patented

- Speaker with digital application of 3 Watts

- 3:30 Autonomy

- Dimensions: diam. 80.7 mm high. 44 mm





Several color choices available


Many scents available


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