MASSAGE eyes glasses

CHF 99.00

Just wear them 5 minutes and it gets you completely relaxed ; it also reduces wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness of the eyes!


Use: These eye massager main functions to massage and stimulate acupuncture points around the eyes , forehead and also temples. They improve blood circulation, reduce tensions , and more generally relax the eye muscles .

Effects : Reduction of tension and fatigue , reduction of wrinkles , dark circles and swelling of the eyes, balance the nervous tension, helps against insomnia , reduces headaches and improves eye gymnastics

7 massage programs by air pressure , vibration and heat. Each program has different intensities

6 relaxing sounds : piano, running water , birds singing, sea, rain and crickets

Massage time: can be adjusted manually or set the timer . Timer: 5,10 or 15 minutes

Included : batteries , remote control and headphones





Several color choices available


Many scents available


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