Smoke detector

CHF 29.00

Smoke detector with audible alarm for a maximum security


This smoke detector is certified NF and CE (EN14604 standards). By continually ensuring the detection of smoke in a room, this detector will alert you and enables you to save precious time in case of fire. Once the detected smoke, a siren is automatically activated to wake up a sleeping person (85 decibels).

The device works with 1 battery 9V Alkaline type but be reassured that a ringtone tells you when the batteries are low. An LED indicates the proper functioning of the device and installation is done on the ceiling. You can check the operation of the sensor through the test button.


Tips utilisatiion :

For minimum protection, install a detector on each floor and favor the stairs and in the basement


Technical specifications :

Gross weight: 0.170 Kg

Dimensions: Ø 10.4 x 3.3 cm

Batteries: 0% mercury-0% low cadmium

Battery Type: Alkaline

Number of batteries: 1





Several color choices available


Many scents available


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