Weather station

CHF 59.00

Radio-controlled alarm clock with inside and outside temperature display!

With its integrated thermometer updating the inside temperature every 10 seconds, and its sensor with a transmission range of 100 meters, the WS9135 weather station also displays the outside temperature with precise instantaneous readings. A function displaying weather trends for the day is included.

And that’s not all! The weather station also has an alarm clock feature displaying the time and date radio-controlled by a DCF signal. Combining modernity and elegance, the WS9135 model is available in black and can be mounted on the wall.

Technical specifications

- Transmitter with a range of 100 meters for outdoor temperature
- Outside temperature display in C° with mini/maxi
- Weather forecast with tendency trend
- Thermometer with indoor temperature display in C°
- Radio-controlled time and date
- Alarm clock with snooze alarm
- Calendar with date and day display
- Dimensions: 118.4x137.4x28mm
- Color: black/silver
- Mounts on wall or stands on furniture






Several color choices available


Many scents available


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